• Choose the type of test by deciding which drugs need to be reported on.
  • Choose a window of detection – 3, 6, 9, 12 months
  • Check whether you have enough hair – 3.9cm for 3months for Psychemedics or 3cm for HASTA. (Hair length over 1cm is accepted). Other hair length details are on the price lists.
  • View the FAQ here
  • For any further questions or to make an appointment for collection in the Hornsby clinic, contact Vicki on 0410 659 670 or at
  • Once you have booked an appointment you will receive a confirmation text and email
  • At the collection the hair is cut at the scalp as per the specified procedures, the chain of custody is applied, and the sample is sent to the chosen Laboratory.
  • After the collection in Hornsby the authorised parties will receive the results via email. Psychemedics results will be returned in 10-12 business days. HASTA 7-9 business days.

Legal Information for Lawyers, Case Workers, Employers, Doctors

  • Chain of Custody Procedures followed 
  • All Laboratories used by Sydney Hair are accredited and the information from the report is able to be used in court.
  • Family Court Order Template for Lawyers – click here
  • Referral Form - click here