True and Correct Results Verification

If you would like to confirm if test results you or a client have received from another party are ‘true and correct’ please email the full Psychemedics Laboratory report (no part reports) to This will be passed to the Australasian Psychemedics account holders to be certified.

Forensic Report

If you would like further information regarding your testing results, we offer the services of forensic toxicologists. Please email the questions you have to I will refer your questions and you will receive a quote; you can then decide whether you would like to go ahead. Please note that the test report does not have to have been collected at Sydney Hair Follicle Testing.

Affidavit and Court Appearances

We have forensic toxicologists and other personnel who are available to verify chain of custody, sign affidavits, give evidence and appear in court. Please email your requirements to