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All testing performed by Sydney Hair Follicle Testing meets legal requirements for:

Pre-employment | Employment | Professional Athletes | Court of Law inc. Family Court

How does the hair shaft capture drug use?

Drugs which are ingested circulate in a person’s bloodstream and nourish the developing hair follicle. Trace amounts of the drugs become entrapped in the core of the hair shaft in amounts proportional to the rate of ingestion. These trace amounts of drugs remain in the hair as it grows out from the head at a rate of approximately 1cm per month. Unlike urine, where drug residues can simply be flushed out of the system, drugs are stable in hair for longer periods of time, creating a drug history.


  • Contact 0410 659 670 to arrange an appointment 
  • A drug or alcohol hair test appointment is 30 minutes and will require identification such as drivers licence or 100 points of identification to proceed
  • For 3-4 months history a hair sample of 3.9cm is required. Samples are generally taken from the head however hair from the beard, chest, back, arms or legs can also be used.

If the request is a court order, the order will need to state:  

  • To contact Sydney Hair Follicle Testing on 0410 659 670 for an appointment
  • The required testing code from the pricing table
  • A requirement that the donor does not cut or remove hair before the test
  • A time frame to comply e.g. seven days
  • Which parties the results are to be sent to (Laboratory results are reported electronically in 10-14 working days)
  • The report will detail whether the drugs listed and their metabolites were detected or not
  • Reports are forensics accredited

To arrange testing or for more information please contact Vicki on 0410 659 670.